• 22May

    I’m a young professional, and I graduated college not too long ago. I’ve been lucky enough to land a full time job with a recruiting company, so much of my time is spent traveling, being away from home, and in hotels. When I am home though, I really love to pamper myself. It’s hard to find a moment to relax when I’m on the road, so I need to have the most comfortable bedroom and bathroom as I possibly can.

    Shower HeadA little while ago, after I had gotten back home from one of my work trips, I knew I needed to unwind with a nice long shower. I put down my things, and got right in. I needed to adjust the shower head because the water was hitting the wall more than it was hitting my body. I reached up and gently moved the shower head down, but I guess I used more force than I should have and it broke. This whole thing really put a damper on my day and I knew I had to get a new one as soon as possible.

    I approached my shower head problem with an open mind to spending a lot of money. The shower head I used to have wasn’t really that good in the first place, and I didn’t want to create any more shower head problems. I knew I wanted to buy the best shower head possible. I thought back to all of the hotels I have stayed in in the past, and remembered that some of the best showers of my life have been in hotel rooms. Everything about a hotel feels luxurious, not to mention their fluffy towels and delicious smelling soaps. But the best part of a hotel bathroom really is the shower head. They always have the perfect water pressure, and there are always tons of options and different ways to change the stream of water coming out.

    I did a little bit of research online and found a informative guide on the best shower head by Jane Dark. I found the exact brand that most of the hotels I stay at use. The folks over at www.EveryDayShower.com had similar suggestions when looking for the best shower head. I decided to buy a shower head called The Speakman Anystream Adjustable. There is just no other comparison. This shower head has 360 degree coverage, meaning you can be sure that the water won’t miss you. It’s made of brass, so it will definitely last, and the best part is that it has 8 jets and 64 different sprays! It was also really easy to install and comes with a lifetime warranty. This is definitely the answer to my shower head problems because it has great pressure, even when the washing machine is on, and it’s self cleaning! I will never use any other shower head again.